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At Active Life Solutions we believe that physiology creates emotions. We see our mission as to bring people fulfillment, happiness and improved quality of life through pursuing active lifestyle.

In partnership with physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors we thoroughly evaluate, select and bring to the marketplace products that are proven to change lifestyle of many people to active and healthy one.

Life is movement. Movement is life.

Anabolic Laboratories

The company was founded in 1924; they are a pharmaceutical manufacturer of clinically dispensed nutritional products for licensed health care professionals. Anabolic’s mission is to supply you with “pharmaceutical made” products vs. “pharmaceutical grade” products…which simply means that they go through and extensive manufacturing process to guarantee purity and potency.  They have facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Irvine, California. Both sites are routinely inspected by the US FDA for quality.

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BLACKROLL® offers people of all ages and sports levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self massage. They are the optimal addition to classical treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.


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Blaine Labs
The company was started in late 1995 by Dr. Blaine after his father passed away from complications with diabetes mellitus, poor circulation, and a fungal toenail infection. He created Tineacide Antifungal cream after realizing there needed to be a more effective treatment for such issues.  Now, there are over 30 FDA cleared products to help with fungal care, wound care, skin care and pain management. By providing premium products to improve the health of your patients and the wealth of your practice, Blaine Labs takes an innovative approach to medical care. Partnering with physicians locally and around the world, Blaine Labs helps practices grow through effective in-office product dispensing. With patients as a priority, Blaine Labs researches, develops, and manufactures over thirty FDA-cleared products for the medical industry.
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Bobs Barefoot

Robert Barefoot is a respected, renowned author and scientist. His break-through research has uncovered the world’s most effective supplements, resulting in better health and vitality for thousands of people world-wide. Bob’s work has gained the admiration from the leaders in the health and wellness industry. 
Our Purpose is to help you achieve optimal health! Our proven and guaranteed supplements have already helped so many others to discover a life of health and vitality.

Their story begins in Sydney, Australia with a simple idea..make comfortable clothing from earth friendly materials. All their clothing is made from organic, toxic free bamboo plants. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and requires less water than other plants such as cotton. They use no pesticides, no fertilizers and even print the boxes for their products on recycled materials with vegetable based ink.
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They have a line of products to help with keeping your nails and feet healthy and also to relieve pain. They sell a variety of products to help keep your nails healthy and fungus free. There are also many products to help keep your feet smooth and fresh.

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Dr.'s Remedy
Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are board certified practicing Podiatric Surgeons based in New York who founded Dr.'s Remedy to address the needs of their
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Gordon Labs
The company’s founder, Lewis Gordon got his start as a pharmacist. He helped save lives through his use of innovative ingredients to treat burn victims during World War II. After the war, he saw a need for topical solutions in podiatry and manufactured the first specialty pharmaceutical line for the profession. Today, they have a wide variety of antifungals, antiperspirants, astringents, foot soaks, moisturizers and wart treatment products.
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HighRoller®'s main purposes are to enhance your mobility, increase your metabolism, prevent injuries, recover faster and give you more flexible muscles.

With HighRoller® personal muscle care is easy, fun and effective. Personal muscle care allows you to get rid of different kinds of muscle tensions all by yourself.

With HighRoller®, all exercise positions are so easy to learn and maintain that you will be able to roll deep muscles effectively, and keep rolling your most problematic areas, longer than with an ordinary foam roller. Why put pressure on your shoulders, neck and arms if it's not necessary, right? When the body reaches its natural positions while rolling, the musculature relaxes and will be more receptive to your workout.

HighRoller® was praised as the Sport Product of the year 2015 in Finland.


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Humantool Oy was founded in 1984, and is headquartered at the Gulf of Bothnia, at the beautiful waterside of Pyhäjoki River. More than 30 years of experience as developer of healthcare products and cooperation with Finnish healthcare experts have provided us with insights and knowledge on the functions of the human body and its needs. As offset to the Western lifestyle, our body requires physical activity and training - Humantool products support and activate our body’s natural motions, and maintain our mobility and spinal structure.

Our continuous efforts to improve the human everyday life conditions have resulted in numerous useful innovations for home and office application – from office tools to backrests for fighter pilots. In-house production in close proximity to our customers ensures our flexibility. Finnish craftsmanship and high-quality materials ensure satisfied users. We find it significant to operate in Finland. Different from what might be expected by most people, we perceive our most northern location a calm and clear setting for our corporate activities in this increasingly busy world.

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IAMRUNBOX© was designed to fill a gap in the market for premium quality sports accessories that make our lives that little bit easier. All products are designed, developed and tested by run commuters, for run commuters and active travelers. 


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Klaire Labs
Klaire Labs, a ProThera, Inc. brand, operates with the specific goal of providing nutritional support for individuals with severe food allergies and environmental sensitivities.
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Nu Wave Nail Polish

The fabulous thing about Nu Wave nail polish is that it is specifically designed to reduce the spread of germs from one nail to the other. When fingernails or toenails are polished, the brush is continually re-dipped into the bottle to get more polish to apply to the nail. Each nail has its own microenvironment.

Now, when the brush is put back in the bottle, the germs are reduced and not carried to the next nail. Nu Wave was developed by two physicians. The polish is available in a wide range of colors.

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Organics and More

They are located in Greenville, South Carolina and specialize solely in organic textiles. All of their products are made in the U.S.A. from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic yarn, grown in the U.S.A. They offer a variety of sheets, blankets and towels.

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Posture Pump
Posture Pro, Inc., is the name of the manufacturer of Posture Pump Disc Hydrator products and was established in 1994. They are located in Huntington Beach, California. All posture pumps are proudly made in the U.S.A.
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Hello sock lovers! We’re Ellen and Eric Gil, and we’ve been in the sock business for 27 years, based in Santa Cruz, California. After opening a little 450-square-foot sock boutique in 1988, we discovered a whole new world of fun footwear. In 2007 we set out on a new journey to design our own socks, hence Socksmith Design was born! With our years of experience talking to customers, we knew what sock designs we wished were out there, and we wanted to create a better artisan brand with a West Coast point of view. Designing in Santa Cruz is an inspiration in itself, as the town is known for its freethinking creativity and laid-back surf lifestyle. With “no boring socks” as our motto, we set out to design a collection of men’s and women’s novelty socks and knee-highs that would make people smile, and an everyday line of fun, relaxed comfort socks - we don’t dare call them basic! The comfort top allows for the sock to stay up without binding. Colorful, bold graphics and fun, creative designs are what we’re all about. Socksmith Design is constantly adding to our line with out-of-the-box ideas. You can find Socksmith Design in hundreds of stores nationwide. Think freely and wear meaningful socks. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Swedish Posture

Swedish Posture inspires an easy and accessible everyday training for counterweighing static sedentary.

Our body's posture affects our overall health, self-confidence and how we harness energy from our surroundings.

Swedish Posture has developed products that contribute to improved posture, active sitting, and low intense training - while you're spending time completing other activities. Our products are unique because their primary function is to remind rather than relieve. Swedish Posture naturally reminds our bodies by activating your muscles, therefore improving your overall posture and strengthening the muscles over time. They work as routine reminders that stimulate muscle tissue to help improve our gait and stabilize them over the course of time.


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It’s Like No Other Mattress

That’s because TEMPUR® material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. And it can do the same for you.

Precisely Adapts To Your Body

TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape for truly personalized comfort and support.

No More Tossing & Turning

As it conforms to your body, TEMPUR material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake.

Helps You Both Sleep Undisturbed

TEMPUR® material dramatically reduces motion transfer so your sleep partner’s movement won’t disturb you.

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Combining therapy and comfort

Phil Mattison - Owner of Core Products International, Inc.

Core Products International, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and easy to use. We are proud to manufacture our products with quality and care in the United States and Canada.

It all started when Core’s Founder and President, Phil Mattison, had a sore neck. Upon learning that his discomfort stemmed from an improper sleeping position, Phil worked with his Chiropractor to develop a new kind of spinal support pillow. Since the successful launch of our first pillow product in 1988, Core has developed or acquired several other pillows that are widely recognized as “best in class” for cervical support and comfort. These top selling products include our Tri-Core® and Therapeutica® sleeping pillows.

Over the years Core has expanded well beyond pillows to offer innovative orthopedic supports and braces, hot and cold therapy products, OTC electrotherapy units, massage products, and more. These products are engineered and designed to exceed the needs of people who are suffering from pain and discomfort. In fact, our purpose and passion are to “make YOUR life more comfortable.”

Here at Core we also take pride in making our products easy to market and sell. We offer our distributors and retailers a full suite of customizable sales tools including retail ready packaging, point of purchase display aids, customized literature, electronic marketing tools, educational videos and much more.

True Botanica

Following a long standing interest in researching ways for creating new quality natural remedies, appropriate to the spiritual and physical needs of the contemporary individuals, three physicians founded True Botanica in 2004. The GMP compliant main facility is located in Hartland, WI.

We create innovative nutraceutical supplements, herbal tinctures, specialty foods and natural cosmetics. The blending of unique ingredient mixes with novel manufacturing techniques results in synergistic formulations for a deeper health of body, mind and spirit.
The products are subjected to costly and exhaustive quality assurance tests.

Essential processes that constitute the core of our products are done by hand, in a quiet environment conducive to an inner sense of responsibility, reverence and gratitude to the natural substances used in the making of the healing products. All products are made in the morning, under conditions when we can be reasonably assured that only a positive energy will accompany the production process. (For example no manufacturing takes place during storms, etc.)

The ingredients for our formulas are carefully sourced from non GMO, biodynamic and organic materials.
The formulas are designed by keeping in mind the best of insights given by the scientist Rudolf Steiner and the latest in modern nutritional technology.

Some of the features that we are particularly proud of are:

  • A threefold design to our products that makes them particularly effective on all three  levels of body, mind and spirit.
  •  A proprietary method for a more efficient extraction of herbal materials, resulting in a  non alcoholic tincture.
  • Creating full spectrum formulas where the natural salts and minerals of the medicinal herbs are included.
  • New blends of entirely natural fragrances, valuable for the cosmetic line and aromatherapy, such as a blend of rhododendron and other steam distilled essential oils. These are currently used in our face moisturizer, cleanser cream, bath oils, salt body scrubs and health creams.
  • Rhythmically preparing substances in order to achieve new qualities in the substances. Additionally, a final mixing is accomplished with the Swiss bioengineering Inversina™ mixer.
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Vigurus Technologies was founded in 2011 and is a private Canadian corporation, based in Toronto, Ontario. We are the exclusive global purveyors of our patented technology- Sp1ke. Initially, Sp1ke was formed to focus on technological developments for improving protective sports equipment on several key criteria.

Based on our research and experience, we have determined that the Sp1ke design suite has significant implications for many other industries and applications.

Sp1ke – an ACTIVE cushion for PASSIVE activities. Continue your healthy lifestyle while sitting, standing and laying by using the science of Sp1ke technology to keep your body in great shape in between workouts!




daniPro Nail Polish

daniPro sells nail polish approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association infused with nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It also had Undyclinic Acid and was designed to provide a fabulous manicure or pedicure in your own home. daniPro is a “100% toxin-free” nail polish. The topcoat is quick drying as well. daniPro was created by a board certified podiatrist, surgeon and named the polish for his inspiration, his daughter Danielle.


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