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It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion regarding purchases of Activlife Keto + ACV GUMMIES. We would like to clarify that our company, activelifeusa, is NOT affiliated with the manufacturer or seller of these gummies and we do NOT sell any Activlife products. We believe a CHINESE manufacturer has copied our trademark for their personal gain.

If you have recently purchased Activlife Keto + ACV GUMMIES and need assistance, please reach out directly to the seller from whom you made the purchase. We advise contacting them for any inquiries, returns, or refunds related to their products, as we are in no way affiliated with this company. Please read more detailed information on this matter, 

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Each product offered by activelife has been created, validated, and tested by a specialist team of sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and athletes.

Founder of activelife

Dr. Stephen Bui

Helping people improve their health and relieving their pain is my purpose. All of our products are created and validated by a team of sports medicine physicians and physical therapists. They are then rigorously tested by that team in consultation with personal trainers and athletes.

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From Our Customers

I have had plantar fasciitis pain for over 7 years and not much seemed to help or keep it away for long. After a few days with the HighHealer, my pain is gone. We shall see how this goes long term. But I am happy and will keep using it for as long as it will last.
Customer, Grant T.
I have historically used two tennis balls taped together; however, it is tough to keep them stationary and they are unhelpful when the problem areas are wider. The HighBaller stays in place on the floor--no more slip sliding across the carpet. The adjustable pins permit a wider area so I can hit the low back and hip spots.
Customer, S. Hurlburt
I have used several foam rollers for IT Band problems over the years. This one is of medium density according to the manufacturer, but it is harder than the ones I have used in the past. This one is very strong and quite compact, it can take a lot of weight and you can roll under any part of your body - provided you can get in the position where you can support the weight.
Customer, Rob Sedgwick
I love the HighRoller for use on my thighs and calves. It is way easier than rolling on a regular foam roller and you can hit the exact trigger point spot while keeping your body in a relaxed mode. After you've rolled hard in a tight area you need to only roll lightly for a couple of days. The body heals and then you can roll hard again. This product is perfect to help recover from tendinitis and tenosynovitis. If you have trigger points & tight fascia then get this HighRoller and also their HighBaller.
Customer Rob F.

Giving Back

We are a company that loves to give back to people and communities. We donate a significant amount of money, time, supplies, and products to the various charities and organizations.