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Our capsules are packed with organically grown plants and herbs, as well as bioactive vitamins and nutrients that work synergistically and interactively. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are free of additives and fillers.

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NORDIQ Nutrition Digestive Complex surrounded by ginger, spinach and kale

NORDIQ Nutrition Lifestyle and Nutri-Sport products are high quality, holistic supplements that are suitable for everyday use. All products are designed to support your physical and mental excitement by preparing your body for the challenges of your day. All of our products are free of additives and fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


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Organically Grown

Clean and organically grown plants and herbs are harvested.

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Fresh Freeze-Dried

Fresh freeze-drying retains the chemical composition of the plant almost as fresh.

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Completely plant based. No dairy, animal products or soy.

NORDIQ Nutrition Multi Nutrient is a versatile blend of fresh-freeze-dried plants and vitamins and minerals in a synergistic combination. The B vitamins of the product are in bioactive form, such as, for example, vitamin B9 in folate form and vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.

NORDIQ Nutrition Multi Nutrient
NORDIQ Nutrition B-Complex

NORDIQ Nutrition B-Complex contains nutrients that help B vitamins work optimally. The plants contained in the product support the balance between the body and mind and vitamin C prevents fatigue while supporting resistance. It's ideal for fatigue and exhaustion, as well as an active lifestyle.

NORDIQ Nutrition Magnesium Wholefood Powder offers an excellent utilization of magnesium in malate form, along with synergistic phytochemicals in powder form. The product contains nutritious green vegetables and is completely vegan. Suitable for use as a backbone for sports and to support physical or mental stress. 

NORDIQ Nutrition Magnesium Powder
NORDIQ Nutrition Immune Complex

NORDIQ Nutrition Immune Complex is a blend of fresh-freeze-dried plants such as elderberry and olive leaves that support the normal functioning of immune defense and the microbial balance of the intestines. Maitake and Astragalus greatly supports the immune system. Immune Complex helps prevent the flu, as well as accelerate recovery.  It's also ideal winter seasons to properly maintain the metabolism. 

Food supplements to support a modern and active life

NORDIQ Nutrition supplements are designed to support natural immunity, well-being and health. Our product range includes balanced daily dietary supplements and sports nutrition that support the everyday life of a modern and active person.