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      Brands — Finland


      Text - HighRoller®

      HighRoller®'s main purposes are to enhance your mobility, increase your metabolism, prevent injuries, recover faster and give you more flexible muscles.

      With HighRoller® personal muscle care is easy, fun and effective. Personal muscle care allows you to get rid of different kinds of muscle tensions all by yourself.

      With HighRoller®, all exercise positions are so easy to learn and maintain that you will be able to roll deep muscles effectively, and keep rolling your most problematic areas, longer than with an ordinary foam roller. Why put pressure on your shoulders, neck and arms if it's not necessary, right? When the body reaches its natural positions while rolling, the musculature relaxes and will be more receptive to your workout.

      HighRoller® was praised as the Sport Product of the year 2015 in Finland.