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IAMRUNBOX - More Than Just A Gym Bag

Backpack - IAMRUNBOX - More Than Just A Gym Bag

Are you tired of carrying several bags packed with all your gear to get to the gym before or after work? Has planning your workouts become a hassle because of your concern to keep your work attire freshly ironed? Are you often negotiating between a workout or free time? I know I surly have. Searching for a bag that will make the experience of commuting easier, I was recommended to check out IAMRUNBOX. After a few months of giving IAMRUNBOX a run, no pun intended, I want to share my personal experience about how IAMRUNBOX has made my commute and packing experience ultimate. 

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As a multi-career professional, often times commuting to and from teaching a class, seeing a days full of patients then back to personal training sessions, I was weary about how this bag was going to make it easier to get through my busy day.  

I learned that IAMRUNBOX is an ergonomically engineered backpack that allows you to carry a change of clothing ( i.e. dress shirt and/or trousers or skirt) neatly packed to keep from wrinkling. One of its many unique parts is the design that allows the bag to lay flush against the natural curvature of your back, making it one of the more ergonomically and safe bags to run or move with.

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IAMRUNBOX offers two options, IAMRUNBOX Pro and IAMRUNBOX Lite. In addition, they provide several pieces as add ons- a shoe bag, extra garment carriers, and a folding assistant that you can take anywhere for a few extra dollars.

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I went along with IAMRUNBOX PRO. I choose this bag because of the extra space and more bag for my buck. IAMRUNBOX PRO left me just enough room needed to carry my MacBook Air in addition to my clothing. On many days I have packed IAMRUNBOX Pro with my MacBook Air, a set of scrubs, a set of tights, a sports bra and comfortably gone for a run.

The shoe bag that attaches easily to the outside using strong spring ties allows for a quick switch from my cycling cleats to sneakers when needed. And since the bag itself isn't heavy, the overall weight was pleasant enough to run and not need to adjust much of anything. Not feeling things bounce around is life changing. All runners know exactly what I'm talking about. A few of my favorite features are the adjustable chest straps, making it easier to change where you want it to sit across your chest, even while on the move. The waist straps that have two large secret pockets easily allow you to access or hide keys, a few cards and even an iPhone 8 plus.

Front buckle closures of IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro

As mentioned earlier, I came across this bag from a friend who, well, felt sorry for me. He was concerned about my extra luggage as it was nicely put- that seems to never end and causing my back and shoulder to stiffen up over time. Okay, Ill admit, I am a bit of an over packer, but who isnt, especially when you live life on the run in a big city? He assured me if I had this bag, I would be much more deliberate about not overpacking and my shoulders would thank me. He was right! Hello IAMRUNBOX, my new commute and travel friend. 

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