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Clothing - Foot Pain And Women

Foot Pain And Women


Text - Foot Pain And Women

Ladies, don’t you remember being a little girl, watching princess movies? The beautiful dresses, crowns and endless shoes, heels to be specific, so many of the Princess’s wore? I raise two hands, because I sure do!

As a child there was nothing more exciting than pretending to be one of these Princess’s, stretching my tiny little feet into my mothers heels and walking around like I was the Princess Diana. Minus her grace. I admit, I still own many scars as a result of my not so graceful walks in over sized shoes. Also, not realizing how it would impact my future. Fast forward in life, when I am granted the opportunity to wear heels as high as my heart desires and nothing short of keeping up with the “Jones” I shopped for every shoe the season brought  along.  From wedges, knee high boots, pointed toe stilettos, flats and mules; that currently are making a KILLER come back.

Text - Foot Pain And Women

The cross we women bare to be all the things that our imagination, magazines, social media, and television suggested we should be: some version of perfect all done in KILLER shoes.  And in the quest for perfect, we have greatly suffered. Well, our feet have greatly suffered.


Plantar Fasciitis, in other words - that awful foot pain you’ve been experiencing, usually more by runners and mostly women, is the inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs across the  bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes.

Clothing - Foot Pain And Women

It often starts as discomfort into stabbing pain, occurring within the first steps out of bed and decreasing as the day progresses.  With excessive movement and time on your feet, it is not uncommon for the pain to resurface.

The pain experienced is a result from your parents, giving you either flat feet or high arches. Also poor support from shoes, and that includes sneakers, flats heels and all that is in between, inhibiting proper functional anatomy to work optimally.  We are predecessor of giant apes, who spent a majority of their time barefoot. We weren’t born to wear shoes, especially with high heels.

THE HAPPILY EVER  AFTER - for your feet at least.

Clothing - Foot Pain And Women

Ladies, our dreams have come true. Behold, HighHealer, your new and improved Prince Charming.  HighHealer is your personal foot care therapist.  Not only will HighHealer massage your feet after a long day, you can sneak it under your desk, for a quickie between meetings and phone calls. It’s small enough to stash in your bag gym and  keep in the closet so no one finds out.  You’ll love it so much, you’ll have a hard time sharing. 

HighHealer has several different functions in addition to stretching out the Plantar Fascia, including releasing tension from our calves, and with a quick flip, it strengthens the tiny little muscles that help us stand taller and move with a little more ease.

If you are looking to build strength in your feet, in addition to relieving pain and improve your overall health, HighHealers multiple functions maximizes those results most efficiently.