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Discovering the Culture of Health through A Tour of Asia

Recently, there has been much discussion in the medical field about stepping away from health care-and into the culture of health. A culture of health begins with prevention and promoting well-being in every aspect of life. As a podiatrist, I’m immersed every day in the health care field, looking for solutions to injury and pain, and helping to better people’s lives. But as a family man, a marathon runner, an inventor and an entrepreneur, I seem to find myself helping to build the culture of health from the ground up. My journey from Dr. Bui to Dr. Active has led me down an interesting path to discovering where health care evolves into that culture of health.   

As I wrapped up 2019, the journey of Dr. Active became an actual physical journey with a tour through Asia. Travelling abroad has become crucial to my understanding of the connection between health care and the culture of health. Worldwide, there is a network of doctors and patients who are navigating the path to health and well-being through prevention and patient empowerment. As I traveled through Asia, I was able to share my own experiences and the tools that I have developed to offer simple, at home solutions to recovery and pain management. 

My journey through Asia began in Japan to meet with the Japanese Professional Basketball Team as they practiced in their gym in Tokyo. This workshop was an opportunity to share with the team what being Dr. Active is all about: providing tools and knowledge to prevent injuries and to stay active. As part of the shift from health care to health culture, prevention is quickly gaining world-wide recognition as the most important step towards optimum health. This chance to offer tools and training to the players and discuss our experiences as athletes was both fun and rewardingI even learned some tips for improving my jump shot. 

Person - Discovering the Culture of Health through A Tour of Asia

Next on my travel itinerary were visits to Hong Kong and Seoulwhere I had been invited to lead workshops with healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the latest advancements in recovery, rehabilitation, and injury preventionI spent one-on-one time with athletic trainersphysical therapists and orthopedic doctors discussing the significance of active recovery in rebuilding muscle and maintaining mobility. In the past, misinformation in the fitness industry promoted the myth that passive recovery and abstaining from all exercise for at least two days was the best way for an active body to recover. Together with the therapists and trainers who attended the workshops, we built upon the foundation for balancing exercise, rest and recovery in ways that are accessible to people at all levels of fitness.  

Person - Discovering the Culture of Health through A Tour of Asia

After spending just a few days in Seoul to rest and recover myself, I continued my journey to Bangkok, Thailand. This opportunity to visit Thailand is what I can only refer to as ‘the trip of a lifetime.’ I was invited to speak in front of the AFFAS-the Asian Federation of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. The AFFAS is comprised of leading doctors and innovators who gather tri-annually for a convention of sharing insight, information and research in the field of foot and ankle surgery. 

Person - Discovering the Culture of Health through A Tour of Asia

The invitation to share my journey of designing and producing the HighHealer has been a highlight of my career, both as a podiatrist and an entrepreneur. Part of the culture of health is empowering our patients to take control of their self-care at home, saving them time, money, and the risk of invasive and lengthy medical procedures.  Combining multiple treatment modalities at home is exciting for medical practitioners, as it increases patient compliance and allows for a faster recovery time from painful injuries. The HighHealer was well-received by the AFFAS, lending credence to the fact that empowerment of health culture-not just health care-is something that has gained world-wide footing.  

I’m glad to have a community of health enthusiasts, fitness aficionados and medical gurus from around the world with which to share my knowledge and experience. As we learn from one another, we gain strength, stability, health and wellness. Building this foundation has become my biggest passion. I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you, as Dr. Active travels around the globe.