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Swedish Posture Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape (Up Right, 3 Pieces, Black)


IMPROVED POSTURE - Posture Tape Upright is a pre-cut kinesiology tape especially developed to improve your posture. The tape’s unique shape has been designed as a kind reminder to align the back, neck and shoulders.

POSTURE REMINDER - When you slouch, Posture Tape Upright gently tightens on the skin which encourages you to straighten up.

PAIN RELIEF - Tape Upright lifts the skin to increase the blood circulation in the applied area which relieves sore and stiff muscles and speeds up recovery. When you are slouching and lose the tension in the core, the skin under the tape stretches which reminds you to straighten up.

EASY TO USE - It’s easy for anyone to apply Posture Tape Upright and benefit from the tape’s advantages for a healthier back and a better posture.

ENHANCED FRAME - Why is a good posture important? Your body posture affects body language, mood and results. Good posture increases your wellbeing and decreases stress level, while you strengthen back and core muscles.


  • Permeable to air and moisture, latex free, hypoallergenic.
  • Relieves Pain and Supports Muscles in Movement. 100% Latex Free
  • Similar weight, thickness and stretchability to the human skin.
  • Kinesiology Tape increases your well being and decreases stress level, while you strengthen back and core muscles.
  • Kinesio Pre-Cut Support is designed for neck pain caused by muscle strain or ligament sprain. It can also help to provide relief from tension headache caused by tight neck muscles.


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