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      IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro: The Complete Package for Your Active Lifestyle.

      The most advanced model in our exclusive sports accessories collection, the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro is a top-of-the-range backpack for run commuters, cycle commuters, and traveling professionals. Revolutionary in design, it features a laptop compartment, a hardshell clothing compartment for crease-free delivery, ergonomic straps, padded back panels, a shoe bag attachment string, a whistle, and a range of integrated pockets for your keys, wallet, smartphone, and water bottles.

      IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro: The Complete Package for Your Active Lifestyle.

      Describe your products in 3 words.

      Scandinavian, Ergonomic, Revolutionary

      How did you come up with the idea for this product?

      Inspired by a love of travel and a passion for running, IAMRUNBOX was established in Sweden in 2014 by Kirill Noskov. As a run commuter himself, Kirill found it almost impossible to pack his business attire into his backpack without getting his shirts wrinkled and trousers creased, and after speaking to other members of his local run-commuting community, he soon realized that he was not alone. It was then that the entrepreneur and active lifestyle practitioner decided it was time to fill the gap in the market for premium quality sports and travel accessories, and the idea of IAMRUNBOX was born.

      What makes your product special?

      Unique and inimitable in design, IAMRUNBOX sports and travel accessories are designed for run commuters by run commuters, for business travelers by business travelers, and as such, they make life easier. Modern and minimalistic in design, our products complement active lifestyles and keep clothes crease-free, so you can concentrate on working hard, training hard and traveling smart, knowing you'll always look your best when you arrive at your final destination.

      Inspire active lifestyles:

      We help active commuters and business travelers to arrive in style. We make it easier to fıt exercise into your daily schedule, no matter how busy it may be. We inspire more people to run and cycle to work. We can help you travel light. We create functional yet fashionable accessories that really work. And what's more, they make you look good too!