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      IAMRUNBOX Backpack Lite:

      Designed for work and play, IAMRUNBOX Backpacks are lightweight, ergonomic, and cleverly designed to keep your clothes wrinkle-free as you travel from A to B. 

      Backpack Lite is a basic product version with one compartment for clothes. It is smaller and lighter than the Pro version, but provides adequate space for a single outfit and it is perfect for keeping clothes crease-free.

        Two Different Sizes to Meet Your Every Need:

        The Spin Bag 18L is a durable and waterproof backpack for your daily life

        Modern Style, Sleek Design, Tailored Functionality and Classic Comfort Meet

        Compare Sizes:

        The Spin Bag 18L is a durable and waterproof backpack for your daily life. A padded back panel and adjustable and removable waist and sternum straps ensure an ergonomic carrying experience. For safety reasons, the Spin Bag comes with a reflective string attachment system that allows you to add extra stuff on the outside of the backpack. On the inside you will find a 15’’ laptop compartment and various pockets.

        Instead of an extra laptop compartment like the Spin Bag 30L version, the 18L version comes with a small hidden pocket in the back panel to store your passport or other important things. Unlike the big version, the Spin Bag 18L is also available in white. Both versions come in black and grey. Read more about the difference here.