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      A Male Person Showcasing use of Blackroll Loop Yellow

      Loop Bands are especially good for training smaller muscle chains, leading to better body stability and reduced risk of injury. The natural rubber, sheathed in skin-friendly textiles, offers all the advantages of flexible piece of training equipment without the unpleasant pulling on the skin, so it increases the fun of exercise.


      • Washable (60°) with commercially available detergents
      • Do not use fabric softener
      • Iron at low temperature (level 1)
      • Dry at low temperature (level 1)
      • Do not wash with chlorine, do not dry clean
      • Long exposure to direct sunlight will age the material more quickly

      Size & Weight

      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 57 g (yellow)
      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 57 g (orange)
      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 64 g (red)
      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 64 g (green) 
      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 70 g (blue) 
      • 32 cm x 6 cm, 70 g (black)
      How To Use Loop Bands: