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      The BLACKROLL GROOVE STANDARD has the same density level as the BLACKROLL STANDARD, so it addresses a wide spectrum of applications. During fast rolling, the additional grooves on the surface cause a slight vibration effect, providing additional support for blood circulation of the tissues while warming up and stimulating the receptors in the connective tissues and muscles. The BLACKROLL GROOVE STANDARD is particularly useful in performance sports.

      For so little money, you get the perfect, very stable, versatile piece of training equipment for working on the fascia.

      • The Black Roll Groove Standard has a rutted surface that creates a natural vibration.
      • The Grooves on the Black roll will slightly vibrate when rolled, which improves blood circulation.
      • The Standard version has an average hardness and is appropriate for all ground exercises.
      • It offers a strong massage and helps treat and prevent cellulite
      • Dimensions: 12" x 6".