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      Product Description:

      BLACKROLL offers people of all ages and sports levels the possibility to improve their flexibility, balance, and strength by doing simple exercises and applying self massage. They are the optimal addition to classical treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.

      Overuse, inflammation or a surgical operation can change the fascial tissue and lead to hardening, immobility and pain. With BLACKROLL one can simply and quickly work on the musculature, improve mobility and relieve pain. With BLACKROLL products, you actively work on the release of adhesions and optimization of recovery processes. Besides a wide variety of self massage products, the BLACKROLL collection also contains smart and easy to use products aimed to improve your overall physical wellbeing.

      The musculature functions because its being held together by an essential but often overlooked tissue: the fasciae. This connective tissue surrounds and permeates every muscle, bone, nerve and organ; simply said it’s the stuff that keeps us together.

      Fascia is comparable to a three-dimensional full bodysuit, which forms a network of supporting structures. Research proves that the fasciae have a great influence on our posture, quality of movement, pain perception, and muscles. These are the elements of our body on which self myofascial release, or self massage, has an influence to prevent muscle pain and improve the recovery ability of muscles.

      The fascia theme is increasingly gaining ground within the realm of scientific research and is supported by many doctors and therapists.