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VIGURUS Technologies

The Vigurus Sp1ke cushion is exactly what your body was looking for, and now your mind knows too! We've invested 10 years of research and development into a product thought of as simple, cushioning. We've created a biomemetic (nature-like) structure that actually interacts with your body in a positive way. Unlike gel, memory foams, and cheap foams, that only try to create the "softest" possible surface for your body, but provide no support or much needed stimulation, and hold on to all your body heat, getting uncomfortably hot; we've created a system of hundreds of gentle tips that provide unique support for every person's body shape, while being made from an open-structure that provides wonderful ambient airflow, keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. 

Ergomorphic - Sp1ke dynamically adjusts with your natural movement to provide maximum comfort and support for your unique body.
SP1KE material

What in the World is Sp1ke?

Sp1ke is an incredibly versatile structural science for cushioning, that remarkably improves comfort, wellness and protection. Sp1ke has evolved to surpass product performance expectations across a broad range of applications that is supported by worldwide patents.

Sp1ke dynamically reacts to adjust with your body's movements to enhance comfort, while providing pressure relief, positive stimulation, and protection from impact and vibration, in any environment.

Surpassing the performance of conventional foam, gel and air cushions, Sp1ke is composed of hundreds of mini cushioning tips and connected bendable rods. The Sp1ke tips actively move and flex in 3D space to respond to your unique body's needs.

The story behind SP1KE
We put SP1KE on everything! Anywhere you stand, sit or lay - SP1KE technology enhances any product that traditionally uses amorphus foam, air cushions, or gels.

Available now is our Professional Driver Cushion which is expanded slightly larger and softer than our regular topper cushions, to provide you with the ultimate seating surface for car seats, so this is the perfect cushion for people who intend to use the cushion primarily while driving.

The first time you get out of your vehicle with no soreness or stiffness and a surprising amount of energy for just having driven a long haul, you'll be absolutely amazed.

 P.S you might end up buying one for every seat in your car  when your passengers get jealous, sorry about that.

SP1KE Driver Cushion in Orange
What SP1KE does to keep you comfy - The advanced structure works like a computer to recognize the shape of your unique body and dynamically adjusts itself using your weight as the energy to move the nubs into place you need provided for your unique body, the ultimate load managing system.