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Swedish Posture - ingenious products to improve your posture. Directly from Sweden.

Swedish Posture has developed products that contribute to improved posture, active sitting, and low intensity training - all while you're spending time completing other activities. Our products are unique because their primary function is to remind, rather than relieve.

Swedish Posture Balance Core Trainer for better posture and an abdominal workout.

Balance Core Trainer

A fitness balance seat for active sitting and effective core muscle exercise. Improves stability, body alignment and posture.

Swedish Posture Flexi shoulder support for better posture.

Flexi Shoulder

For improved posture and shoulder alignment. Relieves stress, tension, stiff shoulders and upper back pain in men and women.

Swedish Posture Exercise Trainer used for stretching and training.

Exercise Trainer

A unique combination of training and correction for poor posture while exercising. Improves posture and shoulder alignment. 

Swedish Posture Reminder T-Shirt - Used to remind yourself to stand up straight to enhance posture and breathing.

Posture Alignment T-Shirt

The Posture Reminder T-shirt has Posture Alignment Technology that prevents you from slouching and reminds you to stand up straight by keeping your shoulders aligned.

The Posture Alignment Technology is an unique back panel that guides the user to keep the shoulder blades back and together.

When shoulder blades are held back and spine is aligned, you automatically activate muscles and engage the core while standing and sitting.


Posture Vertical Backpack

The Posture Vertical Backpack is the first backpack of its kind, specifically created to improve your posture.

The chest crossover design allows any weight you carry to rest on your sternum, close to your center of gravity, where you are the strongest.

This design also leaves your shoulders free for movement, making the backpack feel lighter as you carry your daily belongings.   

Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack - Front magnetic snap closure straps to enhance posture and distribute weight evenly on the back for less pressure.

The Swedish Posture Story

Swedish Posture CEO - Emma Pihl

Emma Pihl, the founder of Swedish Posture, has always had concerning posture. After being told by her parents and others, she began to closely examine her posture as well as others.

She then realized that a surge in sitting time of todays desk-bound routine has led to an epidemic of poor posture due to inadequate movements.

Emma realized that the result of a sitting lifestyle has created numerous “hunch backs” and “iPad necks” out there.

She decided to invent a solution herself with some inspiration from the rehabilitation of a broken collarbone.

Swedish Posture’s first flagship product, the Posture Classic, is a kind reminder for better posture.

Featured in The Los Angeles Times

Read how the LA Times featured the Swedish Posture Flexi as one of the coolest Health and Fitness items found at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada