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Dr. Stephen Bui has 22 years of experience in the healthcare arena, started as a pharmacist then as a physician and surgeon. He is a board-certified surgeon who has performed thousands of foot and ankle surgeries. He enjoys treating various foot and ankle conditions and has special interests in posture, biomechanics, sports medicine and foot and ankle surgery. He traveled internationally and volunteered in many medical missions, performing foot and ankle surgeries including children with clubfoot, cerebral palsy, polio, etc.

Dr. Bui graduated as a pharmacist from Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy, NJ in 1995. While working as a pharmacist, he furthered his education by attending the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and received his doctorate degree in 2001. In 2008, Dr. Bui received the prestigious Board Certification by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) and became a Fellow of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (FACFAS) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (DABFAS).

Dr. Bui enjoys being active throughout the year. He is a marathoner, triathlete, tennis player, and snowboarder.

He has a passion for anything related to running. He also had given many talks on running and injury prevention and treated many athletes including Boston marathoners and Olympian.

He had volunteered as a medical professional for running races ie. Boston Marathon and currently serve as a medical director for races in his community.


Dr. Stephen Bui invented the HighHealer following common problems he not only witnessed with his patients but throughout his own active life as well.

Bui, who has competed in marathons and triathlons, knows the challenges most people face between balancing work, family, and exercises into a tight schedule.

He is aware that his friends and statistically 80 percent of the population are still searching for pain relief.

So, Bui put his medical practice on hold to work on inventing HighHealer to provide simple yet effective solution that would also save you time.

You can find the HighHealer INDIEGOGO campaign here.

HighHealer features 5-in-1 training exercises that eliminate the challenges and frustrations of performing separate exercises. Each feature:

1) Reduces inflammation

2) Stretches the Plantar Fascia ligament

3) Strengthens the smaller muscles that stabilize your feet

4) Loosens calf tightness

5) Massages feet 

"I believe the versatility of HighHealer is not only assisting with pain relief, but also to improve flexibility, mobility and strength for active people."

- Dr. Stephen Bui



It is bad for your health to sit all the time, as it increases the risk for heart disease and heart attacks, strokes and more.  Naturally, standing desks have grown more popular in recent years allowing people to work at a desk yet remain relatively upright.

But when you’re standing at a standing desk, most of the attention is placed on the desk itself. The desk is usually automated to rise so it’s convenient to use while you’re standing, but nothing is changed about your feet placement. 

The BLACKROLL® smart move board is designed to compliment a standing desk. You place it at your feet and use it to stimulate your soles, body and more. It includes a massage ball and unique foam roller on the front, both of which can be detached.

The board itself is designed to eliminate aches and pains, something you’d normally feel from standing for long periods. The board can also be moved in certain ways to engage your core, similar to cardio-based and Yoga exercise tools.

Smart Move Board's fun, dynamic shape will keep you moving while standing-without even thinking about it.

Ease back pain, improve your balance, engage your core, and strengthen your muscles, all while working. 

"The BLACKROLL® SMART MOVE BOARD is primarily intended for people who normally sit at work, but would like to be on their feet and become more active.

However, others are interested in using the products to feel more energized, improve concentration, improve the cardiovascular system, relieve pressure on the spine, and burn more calories during the day as compared to sitting,” Dr. Bui says.

You can find the SMART MOVE BOARD INDIEGOGO campaign here.



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