Meet Dr. Active

My name is Dr. Stephen but I am better known as Dr Active. This is because I live and breathe medicine, sports, healthy living and recovery. I have been practicing medicine in America for over 25 years. I am a board-certified specialist doctor in the fields of sports medicine and podiatry. I am also a pharmacist and recovery expert.   I am a passionate marathon runner and have completed 13 marathons. But what I am most proud of is that I have helped thousands of people get healthy, get moving and recover faster.  

I created Activelife because I believe that the best health care is self-care. As a pharmacist, I have been taught that the pill is the solution. Likewise, as a surgeon,  I have been trained that the knife is the solution. But in my life, I have come to a deep understanding that the best doctor is the doctor within. There is no doubt that the best type of care is self-care.  This is why I created Activelife!   

Activelife is a company that ONLY offers products that truly work! Our products are created and validated by a team of sports medicine physicians and physical therapists. They are then rigorously tested by that team in consultation with  personal trainers and athletes. We stand behind what we do, and that is why we offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee! 

I strongly believe that your health is your wealth! I invite you to join the ActiveLife revolution and get healthy…and together we can say –  

 “I am Active Life!” (#iamactivelife”)