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Sometimes, “fitness” seems like a modern invention. Worldwide, the market has been flooded with devices and gadgets that promise you peak physical fitness and performance--and don’t deliver. Despite that, there exists across the globe a network of individuals who have dedicated themselves to withstanding the flood of false-promise products to bring you only the best. The best in exercise, the best in recovery, the best in conditioning--the best in the world. 

Stephen Bui - CEO of ActiveLifeUSA

The Active Life team consists of internationally acclaimed and like-minded physicians, athletes, personal trainers, and inventors. 

Our mission began in 2013, when two physicians opened an online store selling health and wellness products in their own home. Since then, it has grown into a partnership with some of the most innovative, authentic health and fitness companies in the world. 


We're here to help you live your

best life, every day.

Swedish Posture and IAMRUNBOX in Sweden, Blackroll in Germany, and HighRoller in Finland (just to name a few) have all joined forces with the ActiveLife team to bring to your doorstep some of the most ingenious fitness products on the market today.

Products sold by ActiveLife all have one thing in common- they’ve been born out of a desire to enhance the active lifestyle of its user. Every product has been hand-selected and personally tested by our team of health and medical experts, to ensure that we bring you only the best. Even if the best is on the other side of the globe. 

Contact us at to learn how to become a member of the ActiveLife Global team today. 

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The person that

Made us possible


Dr. Stephen Bui

CEO Of ActiveLifeUSA

Dr. Stephen Bui graduated from Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy in NJ. He now has over 22 years of experience in the healthcare arena, including being a pharmacist, surgeon and physician. He is a Board Certified surgeon who has performed thousands of foot and ankle surgeries, including surgeries on international humanitarian missions. In January 2017, Dr. Bui started ActiveLifeUSA with goals to promote health and wellness through active lifestyles. His current clinical research includes effects of good posture and non-surgical treatments for plantar fasciitis(heel pain) with his new invention "The HighHealer.” In his spare time, he is an avid snowboarder, triathlete and marathon runner. 


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