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      Featuring only the finest in raw ingredients, gathered straight from the soil of Finland, Beard Wash is made with nettle, which is proven to calm skin and reduce allergies. Does your beard feel dry and itchy? Let the nettle soak in and tame your tangled beard.

      Just work a few drops into your beard in the shower and let the fantastic scent of Raw Whiskey and Vanilla soak in. Rinse out and go rock your great-smelling, clean beard.

      *NOTE: If you wish to purchase multiple quantities of 5 or more, please send us an email as further discounting is available.


      •  250 ml
      •  Alluring Raw Whiskey and Vanilla Scent Day.
      •  Leaves your beard clean, soft and manageable.
      •  Made in Finland from only the finest natural ingredient sour beard clean, soft  and manageable.