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      BLACKROLL LOOP BANDS are especially good for training smaller muscle leg chains, leading to better body stability and reduced risk of injury. The natural rubber, skin-friendly textiles.

      • Available in different resistance levels: orange – light; green – medium; blue – strong
      • Flexible training without unpleasant pulling on the skin, thanks to skin-friendly textiles
      • Unique patented textile material for greater training comfort

      General Training Instructions: 

      • Check BLACKROLL BANDS for damage before every training and only use BANDS in perfect condition
      • Start off at lower resistance until you have mastered the exercises. Only then, we suggest to move to higher resistance and/or more repetitions
      • Carry out all exercises as smoothly and slowly as possible
      • Breathe calmly and regularly while training
      • Exhale during the challenging part of the movement
      • Avoid holding your breath
      • Stop exercising immediately if you experience pain of any kind
      • If you have injuries or previous injuries, speak with your doctor or therapist before beginning the exercise program

      Size & Weight:

      • 12" x 2.3", 2 oz (Green)
      • 12" x 2.3", 2 oz (Orange)
      • 12" x 2.3", 2 oz (Blue)

       How To Use Loop Bands: