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      Increases blood flow and circulation

      BLACKROLL BOOSTER HEAD - MASSAGER FOR DEEP TISSUE FASCIA AND MUSCLE MASSAGE Effective attachments for the BOOSTER. New applications thanks to intelligent attachments. Pressure and vibration to loosen tight spots and muscles. Painful spots and areas can be targeted. The attachments come in different forms, angles and degrees of hardness.

      The BOOSTER HEAD makes the vibration massage even more versatile. The different, specifically shaped attachments can be positioned in a variety of ways. This allows for multiple applications, especially for tight muscles and painful hotspots. Deep tissue massage, spot-specific massage and laminar treatments are possible.

      The different degrees of hardness combined with the BOOSTER’S continuously adjustable vibrations ensure that the most beneficial intensity can be used in each treatment. Loosen muscles and painful tight spots. It can be used on specific spots and areas that are difficult to reach, such as the neck or hip. Increases blood flow and circulation.

      How To Use The Booster Head: