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      HighRoller Ergonomic Foam Roller Rolling Elevation:

      HighRoller's adjustable elevation allows you to roll hard-to-reach muscle groups in the legs like the calf, quad, and glutes.  HighRoller is also wider than conventional foam rollers to cover larger areas. With sturdy, adjustable legs, the HighRoller remains stationary during the foam rolling and allows for more versatile use compared to a basic foam roller.

        HighRoller's is an Efficient Ergonomic Foam Roller for exercise to maintain the muscle of your body and its main purposes are to enhance your mobility, increase your metabolism, prevent injuries, recover faster and give you more flexible muscles.

        HighRoller Rolling Elevation personal muscle care is easy, fun, and effective. HighRoller Personal muscle care allows you to get rid of different kinds of muscle tensions all by yourself.

        HighRoller Customized Muscle Exercise:

        HighRoller Rolling Elevation is with customizable points to viably roll hard-to-achieve ranges (adductors, IT band, biceps, and so forth.).

        HighRoller Ergonomic Foam Roller is wider than conventional foam rollers to cover larger areas. Individual muscle mind enables you to dispose of various types of muscle strains without anyone else.

        Foam Rolling Elevation:

        HighRoller is among the most Innovative Roller available today. HighRoller is protected with the reasons to improve your portability, increment your digestion, anticipate wounds, recuperate speedier and give you more adaptable muscles. At the point when the body achieves its regular positions while rolling, the musculature unwinds and will be more responsive to your exercise.

        HighRoller Roller Exercises with different positions for best results:

        With HighRoller, all activity positions are so natural to learn and keep up that you will have the capacity to move profound muscles successfully, and continue moving your most risky regions, longer than with a standard froth roller.

        • Take off four metal legs.
        • Sit in front of the roller and carefully lean on it.
        • Take support on the thumb screws.


        Shoulder exercises are so easy to learn and maintain that you will be able to roll deep muscles effectively and keep rolling your most problematic areas, longer than with an ordinary foam roller. 

        • Place your right knee on the ground, 15-20 cm always from the roller when rolling your right shoulder and vice versa.
        • Lean your chest towards the roller.
        • Put your shoulder perpendicularly on the top center of the roller.


        Calves exercise can improve your muscle mobility and flexibility, Therefore can help prevent injuries.

        • Lay down and place exercised leg on top of the roller and the other one under it.
        • To add more pressure, lie on your back and raise your hips off the ground whilst pushing the foot away from the body.
        • Keep your knee bent while rolling.