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IAMRUNBOX is a Swedish lifestyle brand born out of a love for travel and a passion for running. Focusing on ergonomics, innovation and design, 
IAMRUNBOX makes Backpacks and Shirt & Garment Carriers which simplify
an active everyday life. Protecting your laptop and keeping your work attire in 

pristine condition while you are on the go, IAMRUNBOX products assist you in seamlessly incorporating training into your daily schedule, without compromising business time, family time, or you time. And all while you are saving money - 
and the enviornment!

Safe, secure, and impeccably styled, IAMRUNBOX Backpacks and Garment Carriers
will slot right in to your everyday life. Whether you are packing your prized camera
for a trip overseas, a 1000-page textbook, a 13” laptop, or a change of clothes,
our products provide the protection you need in one super-stylish package

Have fun and enjoy life’s special moments with IAMRUNBOX. 
Modern and minimalistic, it will make your life that little bit easier.


Simon Cook - PhD Researcher in run-commuting, London University, UK

      Simon Cook

PhD Researcher in run-commuting, London University, UK

“This quite simple product, this simple addition to a running bag has marked impact on the experience of running with a bag. It makes it exponentially better.”

220 Triathlon Magazine Cover, UK

           220 Triathlon Magazine, UK

“If looking sharp is your top priority, then this might just be for you - but be prepared to feel the wrath of more hardened triathletes if they even find out you can’t “keep calm” through feat of creasing your shirt!” 

SKY SPORT The Magazine, New Zealand

 SKY SPORT The Magazine, New Zealand

“The shirt and garden carrier are so light, it’s perfect for runners or cyclists - or the overnight traveller. Ni bigger than a typical portfolio or laptop sleeve, it fits easily into a backpack.”

         The CITY Magazine, London, UK

“The new IAMRUNBOX was developed as an efficient, comfortable and cleverly designed Garment Carrier for those who wish to run or cyclee to work whilst being able to easily carry their suit, wrinkle-free.” 


            Bike-commuter and shop owner, London

“Unbelievable. I pack my neatly folded clothes, when I open the box they are exactly the same position as when I packed them. Great purchase, I wish I had found this years ago, no more wet or creased clothes.”



“Leave your house in your gym gear, do your workout and then pop on your pants and shirt knowing that they have been kept neat. Handy for people that workout before work or after so your clothes don’t get messed up!”