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Activelife is a company that helps spread health, healing and wholeness by sharing our unique health products that keep you moving pain-free.

One of the core principles of our company is that “we live to give. ” Members of the Activelife team embody this by being actively involved in volunteer and charity works both in the USA and abroad.

As a company, we love to give back by donating significant, money, time, products and supplies to the following organisations/charities -


For decades, our founder Dr. Stephen regularly goes on overseas volunteer medical trips where he performs operations to help underprivileged people as well as teach doctors how to do surgery.
He also volunteers at the Special Olympics.

He is an international speaker and can be found at health and fitness conferences educating people about
health, wellness, active living and recovery.
He is on the Board of Maison Chance USA which is an NGO that takes care of orphans, abandoned children and people of mental and physical disabilities.  He’s also on the Board of YMCA, Rotary International.


Our Vice President, Dr. Phil, is a dentist and has had been on several volunteer trips to Cambodia and Vietnam where he has treated orphans, street children, HIV infected children and people of mental and physical disability. He is an ambassador for Maison Chance and is actively involved in fundraising and raising awareness for the underprivileged children.

He is also the founder of a kindness movement called Outwork Kindness where he encourages people to take their kindness out of their hearts and into their hands and feet.