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Continued Information

April 24, 2024

Dear Defrauded Consumer,

There is confusion between this company, activelifeusa.com, and another company named Activlife that sells Keto+ ACV Gummies. We are taking this matter seriously because there are hundreds, if not thousands of individuals who are being defrauded and exploited. We hope to clarify some confusion. 

Our company, activelifeusa.com, is not associated with the sale or distribution of any product named "Activlife Keto+ ACV Gummies'', or any similar item. Our website homepage currently states the below notice:

PLEASE BE AWARE:  It has come to our attention that there may be some confusion regarding purchases of Activlife Keto + ACV GUMMIES.  We would like to clarify that our company, activelifeusa, is NOT affiliated with the manufacturer or seller of these gummies.  We believe a CHINESE manufacturer has copied our trademark for their personal gain. 

If you have recently purchased Activlife Keto + ACV GUMMIES and need assistance, please reach out directly to the seller from whom you made the purchase.  We advise contacting them for any inquiries, returns, or refunds related to their products, as we are in no way affiliated with this company.

Since we do not sell this product, we did not charge any credit card, nor do we have any record of transactions of this product in our system.  

After conducting some research, there is a website that is actively selling Activlife Keto + ACV GUMMIES.  

https://buyactivelifebrands.com/   [As of May 21, 2024, the website is not functioning.]

https://www.buyactivelifebrands.com/v1/terms.php [As of May 21, 2024, this link is still active.]


Second, I tried to verify if this website is a legitimate business.  There are dedicated websites who research fraudulent sites and here are the list of them and their findings:


Also, please note that this website is based out of St Kitts & Nevis islands in the Caribbean.

As a small business based out of Pennsylvania, we stand by our products. (We hope you browse our catalog and find something useful. Use this 20% off coupon code [THANKYOU20] for your troubles.)

HOWEVER, we do not sell these gummies!  We strongly suggest you contact your credit card company to dispute any unauthorized credit card charges.

Stephen Bui
President & CEO