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The Revolution For Your Standing Desk - BLACKROLL® SMART MOVE BOARD keeps you energized and healthy during the day.

BLACKROLL Smart Move Board - Keeps you energized and healthy during the day. Stand up to back pain.


Everyone deserves good health and happiness - our goal is to help people achieve both. 

It can be hard to find a comfortable spot in the office. Too much sitting leads to poor posture and decreased energy and standing on a hard floor can be tiring and uncomfortable. 


Prolonged sitting has been called “the new smoking”.

The longer you sit, the worse your posture gets. This can cause back pain, muscle tension, headache and lowers your energy and productivity.

Man hunching at desk on computer.
Man standing on BLACKROLL Smart Move Board at standing desk.


A healthy combination of sitting and active standing during your workday. The SMART MOVE BOARD is particularly designed to stand more comfortably while stimulating your body to move at your desk. Bonus: it also comes with a pleasant massage roller and ball for your feet! The board improves your posture by strengthening your muscles. You'll be amazed how good you feel after an active day at work.


- Feel energized
- Be healthier
- Boost your cardiovascular system
- Relieve your spine
- Concentrate better
- Burn more calories during the day

Close up of man standing on SMART MOVE BOARD with featured foam rolling tools.
BLACKROLL SMART MOVE BORAD features and color options.


Size & Weight:
17.3 in x 16.9 in x 2.16 in, 2.2 lbs.

Colors of board (black, red, white).
Colors of ball and roll (black, pink, green).

Made in Germany:
The highest product quality.
Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production.
Up to 100% recyclable material.
Free of propellant gases and other chemical propellants

Innovative SmartLite foam – durable, light, soft and highly elastic.
Springs back into its original shape immediately and will not compress over time.
Latest technology - well known from a German sports equipment manufacturer

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The most important objective for  BLACKROLL® is to contribute to your health and wellbeing by creating high quality products. Besides your health, we care much for the health of our natural environment. Most of our products like the rolls, DUOBALLS, BALLS and MINI are therefore produced in Germany in an intelligent and energy efficient manner. And they are certified by the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) for back-friendly products -

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