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ActiveLife Activist Confirmation

Congratulations, Activist! We are so excited you are joining our team.

First, a quick word from us:

We strive to have the most rewarding Activist program out there. We're focused on building our brand as well as YOURS and helping you in any way we can. We're driven and inspired by our Activists and how much you have to offer your audience and ours.
If you think there's anything we can do to enhance our Activist program, we'd love to hear your feedback. We are always willing to learn from you and improve :)

Activist Rewards

As an Activist, you'll get an exclusive first look at new products PLUS you'll be able to try them out before anyone else. We'll ship you 2 new products every quarter!


You will get the following discounts for you and your followers:

Lifetime Personal Discount Code: You will always get 40% off for yourself whenever you'd like.

Personal Referral Code: You will receive a unique code for 25% off for your followers to use!

For your first order, we want you to enjoy 50% OFF store-wide.

(All codes will be provided after completing this form!)

Activist Role

Tag us in your content featuring your activelife products and hashtag #activelife,  #iamactivelife, and the brand of the product being posted (i.e. #blackroll).

Spread activelife awareness! Share your discount code with your followers within your activelife product related posts.

Optional : Add "@activelife Activist" to your IG bio.

**Due to our extensive waiting list we allow up to 14 days to make your first order before allowing someone else to join in your spot**

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