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        A healthy combination of sitting and active standing during your workday. The Smart Moove Board is particularly designed to stand more comfortably while stimulating your body to move at your desk.


        • feel energized.
        • be healthier.
        • boost your cardiovascular system.
        • relieve your spine
        • concentrate better.
        • burn more calories during the day

        Integrated Special Tools - BLACKROLL® Mini, Ball, and Twister:

        • These tools are perfect for a foot massage and deep stimulation of targeted points
        • Keep your plantar fascia supple and healthy

        Size and Weight:

        • 44 cm x 43 cm x 5.5 cm, 1 kg
        • 17.3 in x 16.9 in x 2.16 in, 2.2 lbs
        • Colors of board (black, red, white).
        • Colors of ball and roll (black, pink, green)