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Person - IAMRUNBOX Press Release

IAMRUNBOX Press Release

Person - IAMRUNBOX Press Release


Active Life Solutions Partners with IAMRUNBOX to Inspire Americans to Run and Cycle to Work

Waynesboro, PA – March 21, 2018 – Active Life Solutions announced today that it is partnering with IAMRUNBOX to assist American consumers in seamlessly incorporating training into their daily schedules, without compromising on business time, family time, or personal time. By adding IAMRUNBOX Backpacks and Shirt and Garment Carriers to its e-commerce product line, Active Life Solutions aims to ignite the movement for active commuting in the US.

In a world where we are under constant pressure, and where time has become a priceless commodity, establishing a fitness and exercise routine can be challenging at best. As a solution, increasing numbers of people around the world have discovered that the time spent traveling between their homes and offices every day is a perfect opportunity to train. This trend is on the rise, especially in European cities, where more and more people are ditching traffic jams and crammed public transport and opting for an active commute to their workplace.

Weve observed that starting an active commuting routine, like running or cycling to work, can be quite a transformational experience. These commuters are happier, healthier and stronger, and perform better at work. However, for anyone to keep up a routine, it has to be easy. If it presents too many hurdles in your daily life, then you most likely will give it up. Thats why we have developed backpacks and carriers specifically designed to hold your laptop securely in place and keep your work attire wrinkle free while you are on the go, for a flawless commuting experience, explains Kirill Noskov, Founder and CEO of IAMRUNBOX.

Active Life Solutions’ commitment to introducing the best health and wellness products from around the world to American consumers, led to the discovery of the Swedish lifestyle brand IAMRUNBOX. Active Lifes founder, Stephen Bui, statesWe are excited to be the company that gets to introduce this extraordinary European brand. IAMRUNBOX is providing an ergonomic and stylish answer for active commuters. This is a means of accomplishing more without sacrificing more. We anticipate that this launch will enable people to be active."  

About Active Life Solutions
Active Life Solutions is an e-commerce based company with a mission to help people find fulfillment, joy, and an improved quality of life by bringing the worlds best products to the American market. It is the companys goal to see people living an active life that improves their overall health and wellness. The company consists of a team of physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, personal trainers, pharmacists, and pharmacologists that thoroughly evaluate, test and select innovative products from around the world. 

IAMRUNBOX is a Swedish lifestyle brand born out of a love for travel and a passion for running. Focusing strongly on ergonomics, innovation and design, the company develops products made to simplify an active way of lifeIAMRUNBOX offers backpacks and carriers designed to keep your laptop secure and work attire wrinkle free while you are on the goAiming to change the world for the better, the company promotes a health conscious lifestyle and advocates active commuting as an environmentally friendly and sustainable everyday choice. IAMRUNBOX products are sold in more than 30 countries, and are available at select retail stores in Europe and South East Asia, on as well as on Company headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

To learn more about Active Life Solutions, please visit:
Dr. Stephen Bui
Phone: (717) 500-1257
Active Life Solutions
4758 Zane A. Miller Drive
Waynesboro, PA 17268

To learn more about IAMRUNBOX, please visit:
Kirill Noskov
Phone: +46 735 00 02 76
IAMRUNBOX / Active Trend Sverige AB
Ekskäret Klustret
Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
111 57 Stockholm