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Apparel - HighHealer set to Make Breakthrough in Foot Care

HighHealer set to Make Breakthrough in Foot Care

August 24, 2018

A multi-functional device designed to relieve severe foot pain such as plantar fasciitis to be produced after a successful crowdfunding campaign on

Pennsylvania-based e-commerce company Active Life Solutions unveiled plans earlier this month to make its portable 5-in-1 device that serves as your personal foot trainer available to the public and put it into mass production.  In America alone, more than 3 million people are diagnosed each year with Plantar Fasciitis, a common condition that causes extreme foot pain. If left untreated it could cost at least $1,000 and take several months to treat Plantar Fasciitis.

The HighHealer, invented by Dr. Stephen Bui, a podiatrist and surgeon with more than 15 years of experience, marks a change in the way we address and prevent foot problems. Designed for on-the-go people, the HighHealer has predetermined angles that eliminate the guess work of stretching.  

Highlighted in its multi-functional use, the HighHealer employs soapstone as the centerpiece of reliefThe soapstone was selected because it brings soothing relief to inflamed tissue on the foot with its ability to hold freezing temperatures or heat for at least 30 minutes upon application. No other material on the market is capable of preserving its temperature longer than soapstone. 

The remaining four functions of the HighHealer work together to address problems people are facing in their feet, ankles and calves that affect mobility, comfort and performance. The device massages and stretches the Plantar Fascia, strengthens the smaller muscles that stabilize your feet and loosens calf tightness by stretching the Achilles Tendon.

The HighHealer has been two years in the making as Dr. Bui took a sabbatical from his medical practice to pursue the invention. 

“Over a lifetime, most people will log over 80,000 miles on their feet, which affects more than 200,000 nerve endings on the sole of the foot. Foot health should not be overlooked,” said Bui.