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Pc - A Gift Guide That Suits Everyone On My List

A Gift Guide That Suits Everyone On My List

Written By: Marissa Q.

IAMRUNBOX Doublepack being wrapped as a holiday gift.

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! I love the holidays. Celebrating with friends and family, enjoying delicious food and relaxing before it’s time to get to work on those New Years Resolutions is something I look forward to all year! But something I don’t look forward to: figuring out what to get my friends and family as gifts. Shopping can be stressful, especially this time of year with long checkout lines and heavy traffic. I try to accomplish most of my gift buying online, but that comes with its own problems. Mainly, what to choose from! And when I can’t decide what to buy, I always end up making last minute decisions and blowing right through my shopping budget! 

So, every year I look for Gift Guides. Gift Guides take the guesswork out of picking out of the perfect present for my loved ones. This year, I am happy to announce that I found a Gift Guide that suits everyone on my shopping list: activelife’s Pain Relief Gift Guide! Pain relief isn’t something I normally associate with the holidays, but then I got to thinking…it’s the end of a long year, everyone on my list seems to struggle with their own little pain point, and it’s bound to be a gift that they’ll actually get some use out of after the holidays end!

So, I started my shopping at the top of my list (and at the top of the body) with their Upper Body Pain Guide. I immediately thought of my sister, who always seems to be suffering from an achy neck and shoulders. She loves to work out and lift weights, but she complains that her tight shoulders hold her back. activelife sells the HighBaller, which seems perfect for her! It’s a massage tool she can use on the floor or mount to the wall, and its guaranteed to release her trigger points in her neck and upper back. Bingo! One person done.

 Woman using the HighBaller Adjustable Massage Ball on her neck

Moving down my list (and down the body), I got to my dad. My dad spends a lot of time on his feet, at work and at home. He loves to garden and work in the garage, and he’s not a big fan of sitting still. But, he tells me that he always seems to suffer from Charley Horses, especially after he goes to bed at night. Looking through the Lower Body Pain Gift Guide, I immediately land on the BLACKROLL BOOSTER Set. I know my dad is going to be impressed by this, because it’s a foam roller AND a massage tool that’s the perfect size for his calves. One more perfect gift picked out…

Man rolling his calves out with the BLACKROLL Booster Set

Which brings me to my best friend. She’s a true globetrotter. She loves to travel and every year I seem to be buying her a new piece of luggage as a gift. This year I wanted to do something different! She always tells me that her least favorite part of travelling is sleeping on airplanes and in hotel beds because they leave her with an aching neck and back. The Back Pain Guide leads me to the BLACKROLL Recovery Pillow and I know it’s perfect for her! It’s an ergonomic travel pillow that’s a million times better than her old airplane neck pillow.

Woman sleeping on the BLACKROLL Recovery Pillow

activelife’s Pain Relief Gift Guide has made this the most painless year of shopping yet! But I still have one person left to buy for, and it’s the toughest person on my list: my mother. What do you get for the person who deserves the best gift ever? This year, I finally have an answer, and it comes from the Foot Pain Relief Guide! It’s called the HighHealer, and it’s the solution to my mom’s high heel addiction. My mom wears high heels to the office every day and she loves them, but they leave her with blisters, heel pain and a bad case of planter fasciitis. I know she is going to LOVE the HighHealer, because it promises to relieve her foot pain in only 10 minutes a day!

Woman using the HighHealer Foot Care Trainer, a 10-Minute Solution for Plantar Fasciitis

I can’t believe how much easier this year’s holiday shopping has been after using the Pain Relief Gift Guide. I didn’t even have to leave my house! No fighting through traffic, checkout lines, and wandering around the mall wondering what to buy each person on my list. My shopping is done, I got the perfect gifts, and I stayed within my budget. Now, I can truly look forward to spending the rest of the season relaxing and enjoying the company of my loved ones!