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Sp1ke Standing Mat

Brand: Vigurus
Category: Cushion

Sp1ke Standing Mat 

Unlike typical mats you're used to, this is an Ergomorphic mat that adapts to your bodies every curve and distributes weight evenly by using a patented Sp1ke technology.

The Sp1ke Standing Mat, perfect for pressure relief and support while standing. This works great with shoes on for standing support or in your bare feet for a wonderful massaging feel. Designed with an anti-slip bottom to grip the floor. Made with a unique, more durable, rubber-like EVA for industrial reliability. 

Sp1ke dynamically reacts to adjust with your body’s movements to enhance comfort, while providing pressure relief, and protection from impact and vibration, in any environment – a science we call ergomorphology.

Size: 24" X 18"

Sp1ke will help:

  •       Back, hip or neck discomfort
  •       Buttocks or leg numbness
  •       Sciatica
  •       Poor posture or skeletal issues
  •       Heat and sweat build-up


Sp1ke dynamically adjusts with your natural movement to provide maximum comfort and support for your unique body.

What is Sp1ke?

Where to use Sp1ke:

  • Office chair
  • Standing desk
  • Car, truck seat
  • Heavy equipment – forklift, tractor trailer, dump truck, bus, courier
  • Snowmobile, ATV
  • Stadium/arena seat
  • Airplane seat (longhaul)
  • Garden work  (kneeling)
  • Construction (kneeling)
  • As a shower mat
  • Household mat – in kitchen; bedside bed; bathroom floor mat
  • Meditation mat – yoga
  • Recovery mat or cushion (after running/working out/stretching)
  • Gaming cushion
  • Baby/adult massage mat
  • Boat seat cushion or deck mat; kayak/canoe cushion
  • Pool/Cabana mat
  • Anti-fatigue – cashiers/bartenders/work stations
  • Repetitive stress environments

Sp1ke Technology:

Material Insight:


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