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Sp1ke Seat Cushion

Brand: Vigurus
Category: Cushion

Sp1ke Seat Cushion

Sp1ke dynamically reacts to adjust with your body’s movements to enhance comfort, while providing pressure relief, and protection from impact and vibration, in any environment – a science we call ergomorphology.

Surpassing the performance of conventional foam, gel and air cushions, Sp1ke is composed of hundreds of mini cushioning nubs and connected bendable rods. The Sp1ke nubs actively move and flex in 3D space to respond to your unique comfort needs. The way our cushion functions so amazingly, is that the hundreds of tips essentially mold to whoever sits on the cushion by bending and moving to shape exactly to a person's body, providing comfort in key areas, and correct support in others.  The hundreds of tips also gently massage into your skin which promotes proper blood circulation and eliminates nerve pinching.

Size: 18" X 18" 

Sp1ke will help:

  •       Back, hip or neck discomfort
  •       Buttocks or leg numbness
  •       Sciatica
  •       Poor posture or skeletal issues
  •       Heat and sweat build-up


Sp1ke dynamically adjusts with your natural movement to provide maximum comfort and support for your unique body.

What is Sp1ke?

Where to use Sp1ke:

  • Office chair
  • Standing desk
  • Car, truck seat
  • Heavy equipment – forklift, tractor trailer, dump truck, bus, courier
  • Snowmobile, ATV
  • Stadium/arena seat
  • Airplane seat (longhaul)
  • Garden work  (kneeling)
  • Construction (kneeling)
  • As a shower mat
  • Household mat – in kitchen; bedside bed; bathroom floor mat
  • Meditation mat – yoga
  • Recovery mat or cushion (after running/working out/stretching)
  • Gaming cushion
  • Baby/adult massage mat
  • Boat seat cushion or deck mat; kayak/canoe cushion
  • Pool/Cabana mat
  • Anti-fatigue – cashiers/bartenders/work stations
  • Repetitive stress environments

Sp1ke Technology:

Material Insight:



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