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Ulta-Derm Antimicrobial Barrier Cream with Aloe Vera, 4 oz

The innovative basis of the Ultimate Dermaceuticals™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme formulation is its proprietary formula that forms a bond to the outermost layer of the skin, lasting hours. The crème’s impermeable characteristics help prevent moisture loss and protect from the penetration of harmful chemicals (non-toxic), including latex. Its FDA-approved antimicrobial agent provides protection from a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens.
  • When applied, the invisible crème adheres to the skin's outer layers, forming a protective bond, resisting wash-off, and delivering targeted levels of therapeutic skincare agents to the skin. The ingredients allow enhanced delivery performance, resulting in improved efficacy, longer duration of action, and reduced irritation. Ulta-derm Barrier Cream is essential for those who come in contact with skin irritants and allergenic agents or those with sensitive skin seeking extra protection.
  • This uniquely formulated, dermatological tested ulta-derm Antimicrobial Barrier Cream protects skin from contact with irritants, germs, hazardous, and infectious materials. Once applied to any part of the body, it will protect skin for four hours or more. It's waterproof and stays on even with repeated washing. Creates a barrier that is resistant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and keeps the skin smooth and comfortable while shielding the skin.
  • First introduced for use in forensics due to the potential of hazards associated in this field of work. Gloves are available to help keep the hands safe, however, gloves can cause allergies, irritation and other problems affecting the skin. This product can be used in conjunction with gloves to offer a secondary line of defense against substances that can be harmful or of a reasonable degree of high risk.
  • Simply rub a small amount of ulta-derm Antimicrobial Barrier Cream into the skin and within seconds the cream will begin to soothe red and cracked skin while protecting the skin against irritations. That protection acts as an “invisible glove” forming a hyper resistant membrane protecting the skin against irritations and contact allergens with antimicrobial properties allowing the skin to heal.
  • Ulta-derm Barrier Cream is essential for those who come in contact with skin irritants, chemicals and allergenic agents or those with sensitive skin seeking an extra barrier of protection. Simply rub a small amount of ulta-derm Barrier Cream into the hands and within seconds it forms a breathable microfilm barrier that protects skin against common solvents.


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