World's Best for Active People

True Botanica Glucanol Plus Dietary Supplement, 60 Ct


This advanced natural formula is ideal for maintaining healthy sugar levels and a healthy weight.

Contains, among others:

  • MadeglucylTM the novel
  • Patented
  • Clinically tested
  • Herbal extract from Madagascar Fully doctor designed
  • Tested and approved for daily use
  • Not known to cause hypoglycemia

    Unique feature: 
    Extensive research on Rudolf Steiner's part indicates that the trace minerals featured here (especially topaz and emerald) are valuable in strengthening the spiritual Ego forces involved in the sugar metabolism

  • Anyone wanting to maintain healthy glucose levels.
  • Especially significant for individuals considered to be overweight - with a BMI over 25.
  • People relying largely on a carbohydrate rich diet.
  • People experiencing excessive fatigue or mood swings after a carbohydrate meal.
  • People wanting to keep healthy cholesterol levels.
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