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      With a slight wedge, the Telic Z-Strap Sandal can be dressed up or dressed down. It is contoured to support the arches of your feet and has a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support. Made from our exclusive Novalon material, the Z-Strap offers an even weight distribution under the foot and reacts to your body temperature to give your feet a hug as they conform perfectly to your unique foot shape. The ability of the shoe to adapt and mold to any foot-type is what makes Telic so unique. Whether around the house, at the pool, after workouts, or in the garden, the Telic Z-Strap is the only shoe you’ll want to wear.

      Telic Z-Strap Sandal


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      Clothing - Telic Unisex Flip Flop

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