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      Swedish Flexi Posture Posture Corrector – Perfect For Improved Posture and Shoulder Alignment. Relieves Stress, Tension, Stiff Shoulders and Upper Back Pain in Men and Women.

      Do you carry a heavy backpack or hunch over your computer? Do your shoulders and upper back get sore, tight and painful? Are your shoulders beginning to round and slouch? If YES, then you need a posture corrector that supports you throughout your day. One that reminds you to sit or stand-up straight and keep those shoulders up, straight and back.

      User Guide Posture Flexi:

      • Wear your Posture Flexi with a loose fit so it only tightens when you relax your core and slouch. It encourages
      • you to straighten up.
      • Posture Flexi has a regulating strap to ensure a perfect fit and is easy to put on, adjust, and take off.
      • Posture Flexi gives you low intensity posture training while you’re doing other things.
      • With Posture Flexi on, it’s more comfortable to straighten up than to slouch.
      • Relieves tension, stress, and stiff shoulders.
      • Wear your Posture Flexi over a vest or t-shirt.
      • Can be washed at 40 °C.

       Size Chart:

      Swedish Posture Flexi Size Guide

      Sizes dress sizes and t-shirt size:

      XS – Size 6 and below Mens XS
      S/M – Size 8 – 12  Mens S
      M/L – Size 12 – 14  Mens M/L
      L/XL – Size 16 Up Mens L/XL