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The Story Of WeightSoles

Dr. Ken Sylvester didn't exercise much but liked to take long walks. So, he started thinking about how he could challenge his body and achieve more during his walks. One day, he had an idea and cut out the weighted material from X-ray vests doctors use to protect themselves against radiation, and put it in his shoes.

Dr. Sylvester's good friend, Ron Stratten, who has a fitness coach for various football, basketball and athletic teams, became enthused about this idea. So he decided to try the insoles on the athletes during their workouts. The effect came quickly. In just a few weeks, the teams increased their performance in strength, speed and endurance.

To measure the results of WeightSoles, a well-controlled, standardized and research based physiological study was conducted in Sweden in 2015 and showed the following results:

  • The carbohydrate burn increases up to 23.3% when using WeightSoles
  • Calorie consumption increased up to 11.6% 
  • Aerobic capacity increase up to 20.6%

What are WeightSoles?

A pair of insoles with weight that gives you completely new opportunities to achieve your training goals. The insoles are made of a unique patented material, making it heavier than a regular sole. The comfortable material provides both support and attention in every step. The usage of weight soles will improve your performance and burning rate without having to change your routines.

Why Use WeightSoles?

  • Provides increased performance and burning rate
  • Regardless of your age or training background, everyone can improve their health by walking or running with your existing shoes paired with WeightSoles.
  • For example: if you are walking for 1 hour, you have carried a total of extra 2.3 tons in a gentle way.
  • WeightSoles simplifies your everyday life without having to change your habits.


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