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      Stegmann Men's Wool Clogs are the perfect house shoe, indoor/outdoor slipper, and casual slip on for running around town in comfort and style. Our Men's boiled wool felt clogs represent over 100 years of superb comfort and craftsmanship. Unlike other wool clog brands who sew their felt upper from a pattern, our Tyrolian wool is felted into a single seamless piece while still on the shoe last. Our materials are then imported to the United States, where the wool upper is paired with our anatomically contoured Polyurethane footbed.

      We use only the finest materials, and are proud to support US craftsmen. Some benefits of wearing Stegmann wool clogs: - Our Wool upper is felted on a shoe last for seamless, thick construction and long wearing durability - some customers have worn their Stegmann clogs for 10 years or more before they needed to be replaced. - Wool felt is naturally climate controlling for warmth in winter and cool, wicking action in summer. - Polyflex foot bed is flexible and anatomically shaped with exceptional arch support and toe grips for maximum comfort. - Stegmann clogs have been recommended by Podiatrists and can accomodate wide feet and foot challenges such as bunions or fallen arches.

      Please use our manufacturers size chart to find your correct size:

      Stegmann Clogs Size Chart