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IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro

Designed for work and play, IAMRUNBOX Backpacks are lightweight, ergonomic, and cleverly designed to keep your clothes wrinkle-free as you travel from A to B. 

Backpack Pro is the advanced product version with an extra laptop compartment (suitable for a 13.5" laptop) and an external shoe bag attachment string (IAMRUNBOX Shoe Bag is available to order separately). This is a professional bag for active commuters who take their office on the move!

Backpack Pro Features:

  • Wrinkle free clothing - Easy folding/packing with folding assistant card and packing video
  • Run or cycle to work with all of your belongings 
  • Ride or run at night - Reflective strips for increased visibility during the night time
  • Security feature - Integrated whistle
  • Complete comfort - Soft-padded back panels 
  • Reduce movement and motion while running with ergonomic straps 
  • Smart-load distribution technology
  • Elastic string included to keep straps together when backpack is carried by hand or when attached to a suitcase when travelling
  • Water bottle shoulder pocket in front
  • No annoying/jingling keys - Shoulder pocket holds keys motionless
  • Hold your passport and wallet in large water-resistant waist pockets
  • Cell phone carrier on shoulder strap provides easy and secure access/You can also turn your phone flashlight on at night for night time riding or running
  • Made from weather-resistant fabrics
  • Water-resistant YKK zip & water-resistant EVA body
  • Exterior – high quality black nylon fabric with PU coating
  • Interior – high quality mesh and black velvet fabric
  • 13.5” laptop storage compartment
  • 2 Liters of extra available storage

IAMRUNBOX revealing the active commuter's backpack:

Where to use Backpack Pro:


Office & Everyday Life:
Fast replacing the traditional briefcase, backpacks are used by business professionals across the globe who appreciate the comfort and functionality that comes with this type of bag. No matter where you go, to work, to the gym, to visit friends, or to an important business meeting, a backpack is a versatile piece of luggage that allows you to carry as much or as little as necessary, and thanks to the ‘hands-free’ design, you have complete freedom to shake hands, grab a coffee, or answer your mobile phone.

In the IAMRUNBOX collection, you will find two fantastic run-commuting backpacks, the Backpack Lite and the Backpack Pro. Lightweight, ergonomic and specifically designed for the job at hand, they will make your daily commute that little bit easier, and keep your work clothes perfectly pressed so that you’ll always look your very best in the workplace. Perhaps the biggest reward of run commuting, is that you get to complete your workout before your working day even begins.





Designed to help you transport your clothes crease-free from A to B, these innovative travel bags make cycle commuting a whole lot easier. Perfect for active commuters who prefer to cycle to work too. Our aim is to provide modern solutions for busy professionals who want to work hard, train hard, and find the perfect balance between the two. 


If you don’t need to carry your laptop with you, then the IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro could be the perfect travel accessory for you. Lightweight yet sturdy in design, they are large enough to hold any shirt/trouser or blouse/skirt combination, and have plenty of space for accessories such as cufflinks, ties, and belts. Ideal for business travel and weekend trips that require formal attire such as weddings, these innovative travel bags and garment carriers guarantee crease-free clothing, so you can travel in comfort, knowing that you’ll arrive in style.



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