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HighBaller Adjustable Twin Ball Massager

Brand: HighRoller
Category: Massage Ball


HighBaller Adjustable Twin Ball Massager

HighBaller is the only twin-ball massager with width adjustable, angled massage balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

The adjustability allows HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way no other self-massage tool is able to. HighBaller has an immediate pain-relieving effect by quieting down pain receptors and in the long term will help release stiff and tight muscles to make your everyday life enjoyable again.

Why HighBaller?

  • Opens tight muscles and adnate tissues
  • Improves mobility and flexibility to allow correct joint and postural alignment
  • Boosts muscle metabolism and reduces edema
  • Helps to prevent injuries and relieves pain

How to use HighBaller:

Follow the trigger point map to locate your pain area. Red glowing areas show pain points where the HighBaller will be used. The full trigger point map will be included with the product.

Product Information:

HighBaller has two massage balls that rotate on top of a width adjustable stand. The stand makes HighBaller comfortable to use and keeps the massage balls in the correct place. The underside of the stand is made from non-slip material to keep the stand stationary.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Specs: W 25,4cm (10 in), H 10,35cm (4,07 in), Weight 874,7 g (1,93 lbs)
  • Patent and trademark pending
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • One year warranty
  • User manual & Trigger Point Map: Helps you to locate your triggers and pain areas
  • 1 Year Warranty

    HighBaller- Your Personal Massage Therapist

    HighBaller - Exercises

    HighBaller Testimonials:


    “As a Physiotherapist, my body is under stress daily from lifting, training and helping my clients, so the HighBaller has helped me to recover my tight muscles. I can recommend this product for my customers who suffer from muscle tightness.”

    --Tuula Paasiaho, Physiotherapist. Over 30 years of experience in physiotherapy.

    “The HighBaller surprised me positively. HighBaller is a small compact device which is easy to use. I was able to localize tight spots from my body. I recommend this product for easier self-care.”
    --Timo Heino, Owner of SpineGym. Has specialized in industrial design for over 20 years designing sports and medical equipment.

    “The easiest way to describe the product is CLEVER. I have tried many different massage tools for a long time to provide self muscle care. So far regular massage products have been quite hard to use. I think the adjustable width and the base are the key things for making muscle care easier”
    --Pessi Peura, Personal Trainer. Over 12 years of experience in strength training and muscle maintenance.


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