Activelife HighBaller And HighTrainer Kit + Free Wall Mount - Orange

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HighBaller Adjustable Twin Ball Massager

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HighBaller is the only twin-ball massager with width adjustable, angled massage balls used for self-myofascial release (SMR) to loosen up stiff and tight muscles.

The adjustability allows HighBaller to be used anywhere on the body in a way no other self-massage tool is able to. HighBaller has an immediate pain-relieving effect by quieting down pain receptors and in the long term will help release stiff and tight muscles to make your everyday life enjoyable again. The balls are firm. Some users experience discomfort when lying down on the angled balls. It's not necessary to roll the balls on your back. Use direct pressure for trigger point release!

Why HighBaller?

  • Opens tight muscles and adnate tissues
  • Improves mobility and flexibility to allow correct joint and postural alignment
  • Boosts muscle metabolism and reduces edema
  • Helps to prevent injuries and relieves pain

How to use HighBaller:

Follow the trigger point map to locate your pain area. Red glowing areas show pain points where the HighBaller will be used. The full trigger point map will be included with the product.

The stand of HighBaller is imprinted with numbers 1-5, allowing you to always place the massaging balls in the same positions for optimum use. Once the balls are in your preferred position and width, use the removable locking pins to lock the balls in place. Pins rotate in their slots from a ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’ position. You will know the pin is locked when it no longer rotates freely. To remove the balls from their mounted points, rotate pin to unlock position and remove by sliding it out. 
To remove the balls from the stand entirely, place the hole in the end  of the locking pins over the plastic tabs at the top of the balls. Align hole with tabs, press down, and feel the balls click and unlock. You can then remove the balls.

Product Information:

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Specs: 10" X 4", Weight 2 lbs
  • Patent and trademark pending
  • Manufactured in Finland
  • One year warranty
  • User Manual & Trigger Point Map Included: Helps you to locate your triggers and pain areas
  • 1 Year Warranty

Text - HighBaller & HighTrainer Kit + Free Wall Mount - Active Life USA

    Plot - HighBaller & HighTrainer Kit + Free Wall Mount - Active Life USA



    HighTrainer is the newest product developed by HighRoller Finland in their line of lifestyle and fitness products. It's multi-functionality means it can be used for massage, stretching and exercise. It's lightweight and portable, meaning you can do it all, anywhere and anytime.

    Human - HighBaller & HighTrainer Kit + Free Wall Mount - Active Life USA


      • Exercise resistance band with width adjustable twin massage balls and unique locking system that allows it to be attached to a chair or a door.
      • Includes over 100 different exercises and dynamic stretching to strengthen muscle, build core strength and enhance performance. 
      • Lightweight portability allows it to be used anywhere, including home, hotel, office, gym or even car and saves you valuable time.
      • Adjustable width of massage balls allows user to transform its shape to fit unique spaces and directly contact different muscles. 
      • Use for dynamic stretching to improve mobility, increase blood circulation, warm up before a heavy workout or even enhance coordination/balance training. 
      • Includes best features of the HighBaller, in a lightweight and portable form made with high impact and durable materials guaranteed to enhance your journey to peak performance.

      Included with your kit is the brand new gel all mount used for the HighBaller. You can now attach the sticky pad mount to any wall and can move it to different locations.

      HighBaller Gel Wall Mount:


      • Non-marring
      • Reusable
      • Washable
      • Provides upgraded use for your HighBaller


          1) Remove plastic. Stick the gel pad to the base of the HighBaller
          2) Remove the second piece of plastic and stick it to your wall of preference.
          3) Make sure the adjustable pins on the HighBaller are facing upwards for proper placement
          4) Enjoy your massage! Target your neck and back muscles for a deep tissue, hands-free experience.
          5) When removing from the wall, pull from the top of the base slowly.
          6) Re-apply the plastic pieces to both sides of the gel pad to safely store for later use. 


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          Active Recovery

          Activelife HighBaller And HighTrainer Kit + Free Wall Mount - Orange

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