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ClearZal Foot File 2 Sided

Brand: Clearzal
Category: Foot Care

 ClearZal Foot File

ClearZal® Foot File helps remove and reduce calluses, rough, dry skin and corns, to unveil sleeker, more attractive feet. This durable device features 2 coarse sides for extra thick areas of dry skin, with an ergonomically designed contoured handle.

Why ClearZal Foot File?

  • Helps reduce calluses and corns and dry skin.
  • Washable and hygienic.
  • Coarse 100 grit on both sides.
  • 10 Inch 2 sided file for easy handling.
  • 6 inch file paper and 4 inch handle
  • Strongest adhesive used and will not separate with repeated use in the shower/bath.


  • Can be used on softened wet skin during or after bathing, or gently on dry skin.
  • Gently move the file in a back and forth motion across the area of the foot to be treated, adding slightly more pressure to achieve the desired results.
  • Do not over-file your skin.
  • Spread usage out over several periods to avoid redness, irritation and the removal of healthy skin.


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