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ClearZal Foot Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil - Active Life USA

Brand: Clearzal

ClearZal Foot Cleanser works to relieve itching and other symptoms of athlete's foot, while it safely cleans and moisturizes skin. ClearZal Foot Cleanser is enriched with Tea Tree oil, a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. ClearZal Foot Cleanser is gentle enough to use all over to control odor, sweating, minor infections, acne, jock itch, boils and other irritations. • For Healthy Fingers & Toes • Eliminates fungus & bacteria that can lead to athlete's foot and nail fungus. • Use alone or as a soothing foot soap before applying topical medications. • Contains Tea Tree Oil ClearZal Foot Cleanser provides a first line of defense against common infection of skin and nails including athletes foot and assist with nail fungus. Avoiding common fungal and bacterial infection of the hands and feet starts with good personal hygiene and treatment with an effective medication. Sold and Manufactured by DiaDerm Laboratories.

• Washes away fungus and bacteria - Soothes itching from athlete's foot

• Helps prevent recurrence of foot fungus - Relieves itching from skin irritations

• Cleans & deodorizes - Is enriched with Tea Tree Oil

• Eliminates fungus & bacteria that can lead to athlete's foot and nail fungus.

• Regular use of ClearZal Foot Cleanser helps eliminates fungus and bacteria that can attack healthy skin and nails.


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