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ClearZal Busy Feet 100g - Silk Revitalise cream - Active Life USA

Brand: Clearzal
Category: Foot Care

ClearZal Busy Feet

Instantly rejuvenates tired feet and provides a cooling, tingling sensation. It promotes improved blood circulation, moisturizes, and provides a gentle soothing sensation that’s perfect for soothing achy feet or providing relief from neuropathy. Menthol helps to calm those who suffer from Neuropathy.

Why Busy Feet?

  • Strong menthol aroma and is urea based, which hydrates and softens the skin.
  • Used by podiatrists as a finishing cream after treatment to leave their client's feet feeling alive and invigorated!
  • Recommended for chilblains, sore feet and a vital ingredient for any foot massage.
  • Packed full of menthol to energize and rejuvenate your feet.
  • Cools, refreshes and stimulates tired feet and legs.
  • Rapidly relieves discomfort of achy feet.
  • Makes your feet look and feel better.


Blends Urea and Aloe Vera to deliver intense moisture to dry feet, while the cooling effects of menthol to revitalize the senses.


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