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BLACKROLL® Trainer Education Certification - Boston, MA 6/15

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BLACKROLL® Trainer Education Details

Date & Time: 
June 15th, 2019
9AM - 5PM

Skill Of Strength
73 Princeton St. Unit Nine
North Chelmsford, MA

*We have arranged a total of 10 rooms at the Raddison Hotel & Suites in Chelmsford, MA for your convenience on either or both days, June 14th & June 15th. Please use code BLACK1 to receive a discounted rate for your stay in MA.

Instructor: Mike Perry

Included in the class:

-What is fascia? The science behind it
-Functions of fascia
-Concepts of fascial lines (from book Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers)
-Various self-myofascial techniques
-The principles and effects behind self-myofascial techniques

    Each attendee will also receive $110 worth of BLACKROLL® products:

    (1) BLACKROLL® Duoball
    (1) BLACKROLL® Standard Foam Roller
    (1) BLACKROLL® Mini Foam Roller
    (1) BLACKROLL® Ball 08
    (3) BLACKROLL® Resistance Bands

    Now Available in the USA: The BLACKROLL® Education Certification

    Consisting of theoretical and practical elements including relevant certification assessments, this course goes way beyond basic foam rolling and self massage techniques!

    About - Functional Fascia Training:

    The course is focused on a holistic approach to training of myofascial structures in the body and build upon functional movement essentials, SMT and integration.

    We'll be bringing together a variety of players in the health and (performance) sports sectors to nurture hybrid knowledge and cross-learning. We believe that by connecting and sharing experiences in your chosen fields you will becomes more aware of the importance of injury prevention and self-healing through controlled and intelligent movement patterns. 

    BLACKROLL® Education was developed by leading German professionals, Dr. Lutz Graumann (MD Ph.D., founder of Performance & Health Institute) in collaboration with Marcel Andra (Exercise Physiology) and is based on scientific and medical research including the work of the academic Fascia Research Group at the University in Ulm, Germany, headed by Dr. Robert Schleip, Biol.Hum.

    The full day course is a unique education program that offers deep insights into the latest developments in the area of holistic fascia training including activation, mobility, movement, integration, recovery and functional/performance training. This course goes way beyond basic foam rolling and self massage techniques!

    The program consists of the following elements:

    • Activation
    • Balance & Breathing
    • Dynamic Mobilization (DYNAMO)
    • Patterning of Movement
    • Stability & Strength
    • Plyometrics
    • Integration
    • Recovery (rollout | SMT: Self-myofascial techniques)
    • Group Training Concept

    The Certified BLACKROLL® Trainer Education is suitable for any Health - Fitness - Sports - Movement Professional as well as Athletes: 

    Sports medicine experts, fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, pilates instructors and yogis--our education program caters to ambitious individuals who are passionate about health and want to stay on top of their game.

    Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll become Certified BLACKROLL® Trainer, able to provide effective fascia training seminars and classes for your clients and patients.

    Mike Perry At His Gym, Skill Of Strength:

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