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      BLACKROLL STANDARD FOAM ROLLER The BLACKROLL STANDARD takes little effort with simple exercises to provide palpable increases in elasticity and performance of the muscles, especially in the upper body areas. It's a classic massage roller and is ideal for beginners. ADVANTAGES OF THE BLACKROLL STANDARD Helps to correct posture damage helps to prevent typical strain injuries when used consistently Regenerates specific muscles and improves blood circulation With little effort, it makes an active contribution to greater fitness and well-being Product Information: 1 x BLACKROLL STANDARD in your selected color combination Size & Weight: 18" x 6" (45CM) Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production Made in Germany Up to 100% recyclable material Free of propellant gases Free of other chemical propellants.

      Blackroll standard foam roller comparison

      Blackroll Standard
      Density: Average
      Dimension: 18x6 Inches


      Blackroll medium foam roller comparison

      Blackroll Med
      Density: 20% softer than the standard roll
      Dimension: 12x6 Inches


      Blackroll pro foam roller comparison

      Blackroll Pro
      Density 50% harder than standard roll
      Dimension: 12x6 Inches

      How To Use The Standard: