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      Experts from sports and medicine and top athletes recommend the use of the Blackroll Standard


      The BLACKROLL standard has average hardness and is appropriate for all applications. It is a functional tool for a self-myofascial-therapy. This foam roller promises 100 percent made in Germany, 100 percent green production and 100 percent regeneration.

      It is nature friendly as it is made using an energy-saving production process, and it is free of propellants and chemicals. The BLACKROLL standard is easy-to-clean, water resistant and odorless. It is available in three colors and two sizes.


      Product Information:
      1 x BLACKROLL® STANDARD in your selected color combination
      Size & Weight: 12" x 6", 5.3oz (30 cm x 15 cm, 152 g)
      Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
      Made in Germany
      Up to 100% recyclable material
      Free of propellant gases
      Free of other chemical propellants
      Not soluble in water
      Easy to clean
      Easy to sterilize


       How To Use The Standard: