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      The BLACKROLL standard has average hardness and is appropriate for all applications. It is a functional tool for a self-myofascial-therapy. This foam roller promises 100 percent made in Germany, 100 percent green production and 100 percent regeneration. It is nature friendly as it is made using an energy-saving production process, and it is free of propellants and chemicals. The BLACKROLL standard is easy-to-clean, water resistant and odorless. It is available in three colors and two sizes.

          Training + Recovery = Success

          Experts from sports and medicine and top athletes recommend the use of the Blackroll Standard

          Blackroll is the ideal component to traditional treatments such as classical physiotherapy, osteopathy or connective tissue massage.

          Blackroll is the ideal instrument for recovery and self-massage with the goal of relaxing the connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups.

          Blackroll helps prevent muscle soreness and improves muscle recovery to increase performance.

          • Preparation and Recovery
          • Activation and Mobilization
          • Different degrees of firmness
          • For beginners as well as professional athletes.

          How To Use The Standard: