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      With the BLACKROLL BOOSTER, any BLACKROLL foam roller with a length of 11.8 inches can be converted into an even more effective massage tool. The vibrating core insert supports the effect of the classical roller on multiple levels. The oscillating vibration of the revolutionary VIBRA MOTION technology helps alleviate pain. The vibration confuses pain receptors in the tissue, so stress points are perceived as significantly less painful. The muscles are also set into oscillating motion by the vibration which stimulates blood circulation, optimizing recovery. The BLACKROLL BOOSTER has an extremely broad, precision-controllable spectrum of vibration, and is very easy to operate with two buttons.

      • Ideal for use in therapy, training and sports.
      • Developed and made in Germany.
      Booster and fascia roll in a single set:

      The BLACKROLL BOOSTER Set consists of a BLACKROLL BOOSTER, a BLACKROLL Standard. The unique Vibra Motion technology of the BOOSTER offers a very wide range of massages; tension is released in a targeted manner. The surrounding tissues are also beneficially stimulated and set into multidimensional movement.

      Benefits and Features:

      • Effective attachments for the BLACKROLL BOOSTER.
      • Pressure and vibration is used to loosen tight spots and muscles.
      • Targets painful muscle areas.
      • The attachments come in different forms, angles and degrees of hardness.
      • Can be used on specific spots and areas that are difficult to reach such as the neck or hip.
      • Increases blood flow and circulation.

      Size and Weight:

      • 12.2" x 10" x 6", 3.5lbs.

      Scope of delivery:

      • 1 x BLACKROLL® BOOSTER core with practical screw-in mechanism.
      • 1 x Micro-USB cable.
      • 1 x BLACKROLL BOOSTER booklet including instructions for use.
      • 1 x BLACKROLL Standard foam roller.
      • 1 x BLACKROLL exercise card.
      • DVD is not included in the scope of delivery.

      Made in Germany:

      • The highest product quality
      • Product protected by trademark

      Product Information:

      • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production.
      • Up to 100% recyclable material.
      • Free of propellant gases.
      • Free of other chemical propellants.

      "The idea of vibrating and stimulating connective tissue and muscles isn't new, but the way it is implemented in combination with a BLACKROLL, it's basically genius. It permits a significantly better metabolic situation in the muscles and connective tissue structures. With the BLACKROLL BOOSTER, I can provide treatment in a prophylactic sense as well as putting acute therapy right into the hands of the athlete. That means a significant reduction in training-related overload symptoms, and when used for post-traumatic lesions, significantly shorter rehab times. Basically, it sets up structural mobility and triggers positive neuromotor learning behavior." - Dr. Klaus Marquardt, DSV team doctor, biathlon, Straubing 

      Person - BLACKROLL® BOOSTER 2-IN-1 SET SLIM - Active Life USA


      How To Use Booster: